Sobre Ingeniería y Arquitectura Ricalde

What important projects have you developed?

Thanks to the fact that Ricalde Engineering and Architecture has focused on the development of projects in the southeast area, this has allowed us to gain extensive experience in building and developing strategic projects in the region, this being a guideline for companies at national level to have hired our services trusting our projects in our hands.

As an example of some companies with which we have had the pleasure of working are: Grupo Salinas (Elektra, Bodegas de Remate, Salinas y Rocha, etc.). Banco Santander Mexicano, Hidrogendora Yucateca, etc.

What will be the difference if I develop my project with you?

There are 5 factors that characterize our services and make us different from other construction groups:

We give equal weight to the importance of architectural and civil work, achieving unique projects.

The quality of service and personal treatment is indisputable.

Direct and personalized attention with our customers.

We provide a step-by-step follow-up to each project together with our clients.

We give construction guarantee on our work.

About Our Services

I require advice on the choice of land for my business

Because Ricalde Engineering and Architecture is a synergy of 2 disciplines, it allows us to advise and develop comprehensive solutions in construction, so we can gladly help you, just contact us and together we will design a solution that suits your needs, tastes and budget.

How much will it cost me to develop my project?

The cost of a project can vary greatly between one and the other. Among the factors that determine this cost are:

Type of construction

Project size

The required facilities.

The desired finishes.

The additional services that are needed.

Contact us and detail your project taking these factors into account and we will gladly give you an estimate for construction cost.

What are the normal stages in a construction project and how long does it take?

The normal stages of a project are:

The Draft

The Project Formal Design

Building of the Project

And the time taken by each of these stages depends on the complexity and requirements of it.

I only need to prepare the architectural project, can you do it?

Yes. An important part in the development of a project is to translate the client's ideas into a preliminary project to later make a project in shape. If you require the development of the project we can gladly help you, just contact us and we will send you all the necessary information to start the work.

What is a corporate maintenance plan?

It consists of the contract for a defined period in which Ricalde Engineering and Architecture will take care of various maintenance aspects according to the client's needs. This contract stipulates the needs and periodicity of the service to be provided. For more information visit the "Corporate Maintenance" section.

Can you give me maintenance or repair for my house?

Yes, please contact us explaining your needs and we will gladly contact you to give you a service quote.

I am located outside of Yucatan, can you give me service?

Ricalde Engineering and Architecture, due to its geographical location, has allowed it to provide construction and maintenance services in southeastern Mexico, specifically in the states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Campeche.

If the service required is the development of a construction consultancy project or services for the southeast region, we can gladly work with you regardless of your geographic location, just contact us.